Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uncover Artifacts of Long Ago!

Ancient civilizations have left behind ruins that archeologists aim to bring back to the light in order to better understand humankind. As the world wide web advances, old websites become ancient constructs that fall further and further off the beaten path (move down the search rankings) until they are retaken by the jungle and lost. These sites might not be the glamorous flash and database-driven wonders that we prefer to navigate today, but they are often beautiful in their own right and they can tell us much about our former selves online... our interests, priorities, fears, and dreams...

Discover a website indexed by Google at the dawn of its existence! Just over a decade ago Google started crawling the web and mapping out all the great websites. Follow these steps to search for a site, then link to it on this page to increase Google's current awareness of it and return it to its lost glory!

Step 1. Look at the most recently posted comment

Step 2. Take a couple of words from the comment's description and enter them into a Google search box followed by a space and the term "daterange:2451180-2451545" (no quotes). EXAMPLE: drink water daterange:2451180-2451545

Step 3. Discover a site indexed by Google in 1999!

Step 4. Post a new comment on this page linking to your discovery by entering the following code into the text box (replace blue text with your findings of course!):

Also... add a short description of page (one sentence max) to enlighten others.